Car Builder

Responsive Vehicle Configurator

Tired of low conversion rates on your current dealer website? Our CarBuilder vehicle configurator tool will turn your dealership website into a lead generation source, helping you sell more cars. The number one reason customers leave your website is because you don’t have the vehicle they want. Convert more of these visitors by allowing them to build their own car right on your website.

Lead Enhancers

Create special offers that convert more visitors.

Integrated With Remarketing

If you have a remarketing campaign in place, you can capture the customers that have already left your website and direct them back to your site to build their perfect car.


Track and monitor the leads you are receiving from your CarBuilder vehicle configurator.


Dealer PRO Control Center

With the DealerPRO Control Center you can quickly and easily update your dealership website content in live time. This centralized content management solution allows you to manage multiple websites, pages, mobile sites, and landing pages- One login, one powerful solution to manage inventory, website content, create specials, add pages, and manage social integration with your website.

Facebook Inventory App

Facebook Inventory Application

There are more than half a billion people logging into Facebook on a daily basis. Your dealership not only needs a presence in the world’s most popular social network, but it needs one that will give you a competitive advantage!

Enhance Your Facebook Page

Our Facebook Inventory Application can automatically publish your inventory directly onto your Facebook page.

We can also integrate our Video Showcase Application into your Facebook page, so you can display all of your vehicle videos.

Facebook will help you reach a large audience of car buyers. Get in the social game today and take advantage of one of the fastest growing advertising mediums with our Facebook applications!

Landing Page

Landing Page

Landing Page

Landing Pages

AutoONE Media®‘s strategy differs from our competitors because we direct pay-per-click visitors to dynamic landing sites that convert clicks into leads and help you sell more cars!

What Is a Landing Site?

A landing site is the web page that appears when visitors click on your pay-per-click ad copy.

Why a Landing Site?

Because Conversion Is the Goal! Most automotive dealership Web sites convert less than 3 percent of site traffic into actual sales leads. Attracting the Internet traffic is easy. The tricky part is converting that traffic into leads-which is exactly what AutoONE Media’s unique landing page technology is designed to do.

Powerful Dynamic Solution

AutoONE Media creates dynamic landing sites for every vehicle-specific keyword a consumer uses. Powered with Data One vehicle data and images, our dynamically enhanced landing sites provide consumers with a better user experience, which in turn dramatically increases your conversion ratios by converting more customers into actual leads.

Rebates and Incentives

Rebates and Incentives

AutoONE Media® realizes that it takes time for dealers to maintain their websites. Because OEM incentives are constantly changing, we provide real-time rebates & incentives updates on your car dealership website.

We deliver comprehensive and accurate rebate & incentive information on new vehicles. Our Regional Rebate Data product is designed for the retail automotive dealership.

Delivered through web service technology for real-time, automatic data updates, the product is designed for seamless integration into the inventory of dealership websites. Fully mapped to the VIN, the AOM rebate products allows for detailed data at the model and zip code level. Now everything you need to create compelling online vehicle presentations for more leads and sales is right at your fingertips. Remember – The second most sought after pieces of information consumers seek online during their vehicle shopping process are incentives and special offers.

Landing Page

Virtual Inventory

With our virtual inventory display your websites inventory conversion potential is amplified. It’s no longer limited to physical new car inventory on your dealership lot. If you don’t have what a potential customer wants you can always find it for them, but at least we are getting them into the dealership.

Here’s Why It Works:

  • Your DealerPRO website highlights all possible models, trims, and colors available to a potential customer.
  • Visitors have the ability to toggle between what’s in stock and what’s available. It’s the best of both worlds!
  • All vehicles will have detailed trim information and color matching photos, along with the ability to build their car utilizing our vehicle configurator tool!

Our dealers that use our DealerPRO Virtual Inventory have seen a significant lift in lead conversions. In our best case scenarios it’s been upwards up a 25% conversion rate increase, but on average around 13%. Need more inventory leads, we can definitely help!

Additional Features

Call Tracking

We’ve partnered with Century Interactive, one of the call tracking industry’s best. Through our partnership we are able to provide our clients with a way to track, record, and measure phone calls being generated from your dealer website! Call tracking indicates which marketing campaigns generate the most qualified leads, allowing you to make more informed marketing decisions. All calls can be recorded for quality control and improving customer service processes.

Lead Generating Tools

The AutoONE Media experts work closely with automotive dealers to create marketing messages for all the various profit centers within their dealerships. Our call to actions tool library includes proven successful tools such as animated website coupons, Vehicle CarFinder, Instant Quote, Direct Internet Pricing, Special Finance, OEM Incentives, Service Specials, and more- all designed to capture and engage your customer generating more quality leads.

Online Chat

AutoONE Media provides automotive dealerships with a dedicated online chat solution to proactively engage every website visitor. Engage your visitors and keep them on your dealership website. With our online chat solution you can transform your inventory rich website into a lead generator that will create more internet sales opportunities.